Tons of dynamic stickers for your pictures and videos


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LemoCam is an app that helps you make your pictures and videos more entertaining by adding dynamic ‘stickers.’ You can add sunglasses, wigs and all sorts of other accessories. All the ‘stickers’ react to your movements in real time, creating super fun effects.

LemoCam includes more than 100 different dynamic ‘stickers’ divided into different categories like ‘Funny,’ ‘Cute,’ or ‘Hot’. You can also check out the latest ‘stickers’ that have been added to the app.

To take a picture you just have to tap the ‘sticker’ button, and to record a video you have to hold it down. Also, you can activate the ‘meme mode’ to create GIFs. Once you’re done with your creation, you can share your pictures, videos, or GIFs through any of your social networks.

LemoCam is an app that helps you create some really fun pictures and videos. The app also adds new ‘stickers’ with each upgrade and a lot of them are holiday related (such as Halloween or Christmas).

Requires Android 4.3 or higher

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